Dead Sea Shore Excursion (Ashdod)

Small Group Shore Excursion to Masada and the Dead Sea

Dead Sea & Masada Day Tour

A great combination of breathtaking scenery, world heritage sites, history and FUN!

Tour Plan

dead sea excursion small

$129 Per Person

  • Luxurious Air-Conditioned Mini-Bus.
  • A top rated guide for the region. 
  • Small group of up to 18 persons. 
  • All entrance fees!
  • The most comprehensive tour plan. 

In addition to being the lowest place on earth  The Dead Sea valley, located in the heart of the Judean dessert, offers unique scenery, fascinating history, world heritage sites and last but not least - Sun, superb SPA resort and an option to enjoy the famous mud bath that will do miracles for your skin.  

Joining our small group shore excursion will ensure that you will see more and have enough time on your hand to relax and enjoy this wonderful and unique region. 


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Tour Description

Our tour guide and mini-bus will meet you in the arrival hall of the Ashdod port, once your ship has docked and according to the time stated after you booked your tour. We will be in contact with port authority to confirm arrival time. From the port, we will embark on a two hour drive, passing through Jerusalem and begin our descent through the Judean Desert into the Valley of the Dead Sea. On a clear day, you will be able to enjoy the superb view that stretches well into Jordan.


After about an hour drive, we will enter the great plateau of the Dead Sea and we will officially be in the lowest place on earth.


Our first stop will be Masada. The Fortress of Masada sits atop a table shaped mountain built by King Herod in 31 BCE and is now considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This was the last stronghold of Jewish warriors and their families during the great rebellion against the Romans. After a long siege, the Romans managed to build a ramp up the mountain, and it was clear that the battle was lost. The Jewish rebels then made a communal decision to commit suicide and not fall to the Romans’ sword.


We will go by cable car to the top of Masada, walk through its magnificent ruins, and enjoy its wonderful views.


From Masada, we will continue to the archeological site of the Qumran Caves, where a Bedouin boy discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947. The Dead Sea Scrolls are now housed in the Shrine of the Book in the Israel Museum. The Essenes, a strictly religious sect. of Jews, used to roam this area in the time of the Second Temple.


There will be an option for lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch, we will proceed to a Dead Sea Beach Resort where you will have time to enjoy the floating sensation of the sea or the mud baths. The beach includes changing rooms and showers, beach chairs, mineral rich mud and the Lowest Bar in the World. The Dead Sea’s mud is often used for cosmetic treatments.


After our refreshing time at the beach, on our way back, we will pass by Jericho, the oldest city in the world and continue to the port in time for your departure or overnight stay.




  • Masada National Park- cable car ride to the fortress of King Herod
  • Qumran Caves- discovery site of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Dead Sea beach- floating and relaxing
  • Judean Desert - pass by Jericho


What is Included?

The Dead Sea Shore Excursion Includes:


  • Luxurious, new, comfortable and air-conditioned mini-bus
  • Top rated, licensed tour guide with an expertise on local history and nature
  • A small group of no more than 18 persons guaranteed
  • Entrance fee to Masada (including two-way cable car)
  • Entrance fee to Qumran National Park
  • Entrance fee to Dead Sea beach



Not Included 

  • Food and drinks: you will have the option to lunch at local restaurants (budget 35-70 shekels per person)
  • Tips to guide and driver (at your own discretion)
  • Other personal expenses


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Essential Info

Additional Information

  • The tour will last between 8-9 hours long.
  • The drive to Masada may take up to 2 hours.
  • You will be walking on uneven ground and climbing steps on Masada, so wearing comfortable walking shoes is a must.
  • We recommend bringing a bathing suit, water shoes or flip flops, and a towel for the Dead Sea.
  • Travelers with special needs, (i.e. limited mobility and wheelchair bound persons) must inform us prior to booking their excursion.


Contact Information

14 days prior to your arrival, you will receive your tour guide’s information, who will be your primary contact for logistical questions. If you need additional assistance, our office tour manager is available anytime, please do not hesitate to contact us via:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office: +972-3-5238818
Mobile/ What’sApp: +972-52-8615880

Arrival and Meeting Point

Once you book your tour, the tour departure time will be stated on your booking confirmation. Upon arrival to the dock in Ashdod, you will meet our tour guide outside the Reception Hall. Your guide will be holding a sign with your name.


The tour guide and driver will guarantee that you make it back to the port in time for your cruise departure or overnight stay. During the tour, our guide will be in touch with ports and ships authority and will be informed and updated of any unlikely event.

Money in Israel

The Israeli currency is the shekel (NIS). We recommend going to for the most up to date exchange rate closer to departure.

You should be able to exchange money on your cruise ship, but also around once you arrive at the port there will be a money exchange counter. We recommend walking around with at least some cash since there might be certain places on our tour that do not accept credit cards.

What to Bring

Here are some basic packing tips for your day tour. If you have more specific questions, please contact us directly.

Weather during the summer is hot during the day (26-32 C/ 80-90 F) and gets cooler in the evenings. The good news is that humidity is minimal in most parts of Israel.


  • Recommended on all tours to bring a hat, water bottle, and sunscreen.
  • We recommend bringing a small travel bag to store extra clothing and personal belongings.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • For the Dead Sea, we recommend bringing a bathing suit, water shoes or flip flops, and a towel.


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Booking & Cancellation

Booking the Ashdod-Dead Sea Shore Excursion

The Dead Sea and Masada shore excursion from Ashdod is available for all cruise ships that docks in the port of Ashdod, throughout the year.

We are doing our best to meet the growing demand for our tours and we will open new groups on request, however we do urge you to book early and secure your place, especially during pick seasons.


In order to book the Dead Sea shore excursion you will need to contact us via the form below Or use our Secure Online Booking System. 


We Accept The Following Payment Options

 credit cards


Cancellation Policy

Up to 14 days before the tour there will be no cancellation fee, except for a $10 processing fee.
7-13 days before the tour, there will be a 25% cancellation fee, with the additional $10 processing fee.
2-6 days before the tour, there will be a 50% cancellation fee.
48 hours prior to departure, there will be a 100% cancellation fee.
*If there is an unforeseen circumstance, such as your ship does not dock in our port or for any sort of security reason, you will be refunded the full amount.


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