Small Group Shore Excursion from Haifa to the Galilee Region

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israel cruise_excursionIsrael Cruise Excursions was born out of popular demand for a reliable shore excursion service that offers high level of guidance, comprehensive tour plans, and small group experience. 

For us, providing visitors from all over the world with quality tourism services is both a passion and a mission. We treat every guest with respect and we are constantly doing our best to make sure our tours will provide a unique, insightful glance into Israel. 

Following the success or our cruise excursions in Israel we launched a similar service that offers day tours from the ports of Italy

What Separates Us from the Pack?

  • Small Group - No more than 18 persons per group. No long waits for everyone to join and a much more initmate atmosphere. 
  • Top rated guides - We work with a very small group of guides who receive excellent feedbacks from our customers.
  • Most comprehensive tour plans - You will have the chance to see and experience more with the limited time you have in Israel.
  • Reliable - Punctual, timely service that will allow you to relax and enjoy the tour and not worrying about being back to the ship on time.
  • Dedicated, attentive service - Our service start right here. Got a question? Need more information? Contact us and experience our timely, professional and friendly service.



Meet our Staff

dina hornDina Horn - Tours Coordinator

Dina is in charge of all the logistics behind each successful tour excursion. Usually on the telphone, she makes sure every tour leaves on time, every passanger is aboard and each guide knows when and where he is expected to be. 

Dina is a well-known Israeli guide who is highly respected by her mostly male colleagues. A native Israeli, Dina lives with her family in a beautiful Galilee village just north of Acre (Acco). She served as an instructor in the Education Corps during her army service and later earned several academic degrees in political sciences, geography, archeology and history. Before becoming a licensed tour guide, Dina lived in the US for a few years.


giladGilad Suffrin - Head Tour Guide 

Gilad's job is to select our guides and make sure they are all keeping up with our superior guidance standards. Gilad also leads some of the cruise excursions himself. 

Gilad is a retired Leut. Colonel from the Israel Security Forces. During his career he become familiar with many different aspects of Israel and its people.
In 1983, after completing two years of intensive studies in geography, archeology and Israel history he passed the Israel Ministry of Tourism exams and was authorized as a licensed tour guide.


ilan zivIlan Ziv - Marketing and Business Development

Ilan's job is to make sure our customers know about us and our service while planning their cruise vacation in the mediterranean.

Making sure our marketing budget is spent wisely and our website is optimized, clear, and friendly to use. 

Ilan holds a BA in business management and a Masters in international relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has years of experience in the local tourism industry and he owns some of the most successful incoming tourism websites to Israel.