Small Group Shore Excursion from Haifa to the Galilee Region

Nazareth Galilee Shore Excursion

An unforgettable tour to the Galilee region and to the land of Jesus

Tour Plan

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$99 Per Person

  • Luxurious Air-Conditioned Mini-Bus.
  • An expert guide for the Galilee region and history of Christianity.
  • Small group of up to 18 persons.
  • The most comprehensive tour plan available.
  • Entrance Fees Included.

The Nazareth and Galilee one day excursion offers breathtaking views, fascinating history, interesting archaeological sites and a chance to visit the most important milestones in Jesus' life.

Haifa, which is located in the heart of the Galilee area is an ideal starting point for this excursion and that means you will be able to see more without the need to rush things.

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Tour Route Description

From the port of Haifa we will head to Nazareth - Jesus' home town and where, according to Christian's, believe Mary received the Annunciation from Angel Gabriel that she would conceive and become the mother of Jesus. 

We will visit the Church of Annunciation, the Grotto (Mary's house) and the Church of St. Joseph where according to tradition, used to be the carpentry workshop of Joseph. In the lower part of the church there are some 2000 years old archaeological remains from ancient Nazareth. 


From Nazareth we will head north to a beautiful observation over the Valley of Armagedon (Megido) where, according to the scripts, the site of the final battle of Armagedon will take place.


Our next stop will be on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. We will visit Mt. of the Beatitudes over looking the lake. From there we will head to Capernaum - Where Jesus spent most of his adult life and where he began preaching. 

Next we will visit Tabgha where it is believed that Jesus performed the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. 


We will drive along the shore of the Sea of Galilee to the origin of the Jordan river and visit the Baptismal site where you will have the chance to get baptised. 

Our last stop for the day will be back in Haifa with a magnificent panoramic view of the world heritage site of the Bahai Gardens overlooking the Haifa gulf. 


Included Site

  • Nazareth - The Church of Annunciation, St. Joseph Church
  • Valey of Armagedon (Megido)
  • Mt. of the Beatitudes
  • Capernaum
  • Tabgha
  • Jordan River - Yardenit Baptismal site
  • Haifa Bahai Gardin - Observation


What's Included?

The Galilee Shore Excursion Includes:

  • Luxurious, new, comfortable and air-conditioned mini-bus.
  • Top rated tour guide which is an expert to the history, archeology and sites of the Galilee.
  • A small group of no more than 15 persons. 
  • Entrance fees to all sites including Capernaum, Tabgha, Ginosar Boat Museum
  • Boat ride over the sea of Galilee

Not Included in the Galilee Shore Excursion

Food and Drinks - you will have the option to lunch at various local restaurants.

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The Galilee shore excursion from Haifa is available for all cruise ships that dock in the port of Haifa throughout the year.

We are doing our best to meet the growing demand for our tours and we will open new groups on request, however we do urge you to book early and secure your place, especially during pick seasons.

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Booking & Cancellation

How to book the Galilee shore excursion?

In order to book the Galilee shore excursion you will need to contact us via the form below. We will confirm your booking request and reserve your place on the tour. 

For security, we will ask for your credit card information without charging you. 

For payment, we accept all major credit cards and Pay Pal. In addition, you can pay on the day of the tour in cash. 

Cancellation Policy

Up to a week before the tour there is no cancellation fee. All you need to do is write us an email with a cancellation request and we will either refund you or not charge you for the tour. 

For short notice cancellations (less than a week) we charge 30% cancellation fee. 

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